Wednesday, 25 May 2011

G&S Passivhaus flats shortlisted for multiple awards at 2011 LABC South West Building Excellence Awards.

Gale & Snowden's Passivhaus scheme at Rowan House for Exeter City Council has been shortlisted for three awards at the 2011 LABC South West Building Excellence Awards: Best Social Housing Development; Best Technical Development and Best Sustainable Development.

3 Passivhaus flats at Rowan House, Sivell Place, Exeter

The 3 flats at Rowan House, Sivell Place, Exeter are among the first social housing accommodation in the UK to be built using the Passivhaus method for an apartment development.

When the client, Exeter City Council, was offered a funding opportunity by the HCA to develop council housing in Exeter, it was decided to use this chance to provide exemplary, affordable housing, built to the highest standard of sustainable construction.

To meet the stringent Passivhaus standard it was required to achieve exceptional levels of air tightness with the air permeability target as low as 0.3 cbm/sqm/h. This, together with high levels of insulation, high performance windows and doors, thermal bridge free detailing and the use of a more than 90% efficient mechanical ventilation system has reduced the overall heating demand to a minimum so that a traditional heating system was not required.

Achieving the Passivhaus standard was only possible through the combined effort of the design team developing the air tightness strategy and detailing, the site management team and builders for implementing this strategy and finally the client for their commitment and passion to deliver an outstanding, exemplary housing scheme. Purely through passive design elements Rowan House will use approximately 90% less heating energy when compared to a standard UK building (if built to current Building Regulation requirements). In other words Rowan House could be heated by the equivalent of 1.5 litre of heating oil, i.e.15 kWh of thermal energy per sqm per year, or 60p per sqm per year (based on a price for heating oil of 40p a litre), making it truly affordable for its future tenants without compromising on comfort or indoor air quality.

This year the LABC SW Building Excellence Award winners will be announced at a black tie gala dinner on Friday 24th June 2011.  David, Lawrence and Tomas from G&S will be attending.

For more information, please visit the Rowan House project page on our website

G&S Passivhaus schemes win national award

At the Association of Retained Council Housing (ARCH) awards, held on 19th May 2011, two schemes designed by Gale & Snowden for Exeter City Council scooped the ARCH Award 2011 for Innovation and Sustainability.

The two developments at Rowan House (3 flats) and Knights Place (18 flats), are among the first social housing accommodation in the UK to be built using the Passivhaus method for an apartment development.  Rowan House was completed at the end of 2010 and Knights Place is due for completion this month.

Exeter City Council successfully bid for grant funding to build the 21 new homes and worked closely with tenants to understand their preferences in relation to sustainable housing, and with Gale & Snowden to deliver the projects.

For more information please visit the Knights Place and Rowan House pages on our website.

9 of the 18 Passivhaus flats at Knights Place, Merlin Crescent, Exeter.

Gale & Snowden Architects provide a full Passivhaus design service as well as a consultancy service to support their clients with the Passivhaus aspects of their projects including:
  • Individual design consultancy to meet the stringent criteria required by the Passivhaus standard for developers, contractors and designers
  • Advice on economic design strategies to reduce the energy demand
  • PHPP calculations
  • Thermal bridging analysis
  • Air tightness consultancy and detailing
  • Full Passivhaus compliant MVHR design service
  • CPD seminars covering Passivhaus design principles, achieving the air tightness and using the PHPP
  • Individually organized guided Passivhaus tours to exemplar projects in Germany and the UK

Gale & Snowden Architects’ team of certified Passivhaus designers have more than 3 years experience in designing to this standard in the UK context and have been involved with all work stages of the design, detailing and delivery of some of the first Passivhaus Houses in the UK through to practical completion.

For further information please visit the Passivhaus design consultancy page on our website.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Excellent feedback follows TSB presentation

Extra Care for Exeter.  Gale & Snowden Architects

"I really enjoyed the presentation on this project. They are confident that they can provide a safe thermal environment for vulnerable older occupants to 2050 using a passive design. My favourite part is the knowledge that older people in the UK aren't used to passive homes and so they are building in an alert system to prompt occupants to close their windows when the temperature is higher outside than inside.

Another lovely aspect of this project is that they took the opportunity to totally redesign the care home to have bedrooms facing north and the living rooms facing south and overlooking communal gardens to give a sense of other people being around. It's not just a design to avoid overheating above 25 degrees, but also designed to be a more pleasant place to live."

Dr. Fionnuala Costello - Lead Technologist, Low Impact Buildings, Technology Strategy Board

Friday, 20 May 2011

G&S at the Spears Design for Living Awards

On Wednesday this week, after presenting at the TSB Conference for Climate Change Adaptation, David attended the Spears Design for Living Awards in London where Gale & Snowden were shortlisted for the Garden Desire award.  On this occasion, we didn't win but a good evening was had by all!

Photographs by Clive Boursnell

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Design for Future Climate Change: Adapting Buildings

Factsheet illustrating the recent work that G&S have undertaken with Exeter City Council, researching and designing a new-build, exemplary extra-care facility in Exeter.  G&S are presenting the scheme at the Technology Strategy Board conference in London today.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

G&S shortlisted for high-profile award

Gale & Snowden have been shortllisted for a high profile award at the Spear's 'Design For Living Awards'. The award we are shorlisted for is the 'Gardens of Desire' category for 'the designer who works with the materials nature gave us'.

The awards ceremony is being held tomorrow evening, May 18th at Jack Barclay, Berkeley Square, London.

David is attending the event with Clive Boursnell, our photographer, and he is hoping to meet the awards presenter, Elizabeth Hurley......

Keynote speakers at Climate Change conference

Gale & Snowden are a keynote speaker at the TSB (Technology Strategy Board) event in London tomorrow (May 18th). Our research and design work into Climate Change Adaption for a new-build, exemplary extra-care facility in Exeter will be showcased at the TSB conference.

More information on this event, our Climate Change Adaptation work and the extra care facility design will be posted following the event.